What's more fun than iPhone games?

When you can play with the whole phone itself! Finally Jail Break'ed my 3G iPhone last night with the Pwnage Tool (you can read a guide here if you haven't got it already) and all I can say is it makes the phone totally different and what it should have been in the first place.

Anyways this blog isn't about tech or hacking but to prove that this post IS related to "gaming" and phone, here are a few themes I downloaded last night and applied through Winterboard!!! Especially the first one below, damn, if that's not immersing with your favorite game 24/7 I don't know what is!

Themes are great! Themes are super! and so is WoW!

Thanks to all the ubber-talented designers for creating and sharing these great themes! (I should make a Jibber-themed oneday too)

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