What's more fun than iPhone games?

When you can play with the whole phone itself! Finally Jail Break'ed my 3G iPhone last night with the Pwnage Tool (you can read a guide here if you haven't got it already) and all I can say is it makes the phone totally different and what it should have been in the first place.

Anyways this blog isn't about tech or hacking but to prove that this post IS related to "gaming" and phone, here are a few themes I downloaded last night and applied through Winterboard!!! Especially the first one below, damn, if that's not immersing with your favorite game 24/7 I don't know what is!

Themes are great! Themes are super! and so is WoW!

Thanks to all the ubber-talented designers for creating and sharing these great themes! (I should make a Jibber-themed oneday too)


Noob Game Review: World of Warcraft Vers.3.03

Notice how I didn't say Wrath of Lich King as the title? Because truth is I've picked up WoW again but haven't bought WoLK yet, but I've started the game again after a year and my, SO much have changed again it's almost like a brand new game!  So here I'll quickly (noobly) review a few things that came as a surprise to me and why I've been slacking on my posts.

Now I am not sure when some of these changes got implemented so could be a while ago because it's been a year since I've logged on.  The firs
t thing I realized is how "noobish" this game has become since day 1. All the memory and fighting skills requirements seem to have dimi
nished. By default now you could track a list of things such as Quests (by far the BEST, super handy and super no-brainer) and even Repairs and Bankers. Gone are the days where we are lost in Stormwind wondering which direction to turn to get to the bank?  Gone are the days of trying to remember where that stupid Tauren is hiding so you can hand in the quest and get your ubber-l337 sword reward!

It will certain help new players a lot but to me, it takes a lot out of the MMO itself and a big part of the game. Why do we need the guards in the major cities any more? They were once useful and special to the world + players but now they just cry in the corner because no one cares about them any more.  Part of the fun in these huge-world games is also getting lost I think, which makes you explore and get much more immersed into the experience. So why take that away? You can say "well just shut up and don't use it then" but why not if it's there? Especially when all your friends are going to use it and everyone will bitch at you for getting lost and having to wait for you, which is far worst than getting lost together and having a giggle about it.

Another change I've noticed is the new Calendars Tool which I welcome 100%. It should've been there in the first place.  It gives a quick clear glance of the up coming events instead of having to open another browser at the same time (which all most of us do though anyway to constantly cheat with Wowhead, Thotbott, and Allakhazam).

I am not sure if you can implement raid schedules in there with your guild but I am guessing YES? Anyone want to confirm?  If it can then it is indeed SUPER.

The last change I'll talk about is the interface options. The new visual is a nice change, no more fuck-you-in-the-face UI to block your whole screen. The profanity filter has also been renamed to Mature Language filter, so I guess I am not so mature after all =P. The important thing though is that now you can even see your aggro % and also the mob's exact HP #'s!

I remember the old days when we were in Maraudon trying to take down that druid boss, only to have him wipe us with what seemed to be 2 more hits of HP left. That really made us felt MAN, almost had him!!  We'll do it this time for sure! But now the experience would be completely different once again, it would probably be more of like:

1> LOL fuck, 5500 left still man not even close it's too hard

Aside from the arguing it also takes the suspense factor out of the game and makes the bosses all seem less-ubber and more humane now since you can go "LAWL, Illidan only has 900K HP? only 800K more than the fat princess, what a noob."  Which to me, is less fun as well.  Of course it works to the actual player's favor though because you know what you would need to execute in order to get that last 2000 hp down before you die, you would know whether it's doable or not but that's just becoming more robotic than actually "playing" the game and being in the world of Warcraft.

Anyway agree or disagree, 11 million subscribers means something and if the game was like the Final FantasyXI boss I'm sure 10 million of the 11 people wouldn't be playing any more. So change is good, and money is good. I guess I should shut up.

Pwnage Rating: I think I am too noob to rate it, but okay, 9/10 based on the changes that helped me get back to the game again


Game Review: iPhone Darts

I haven't been writing much again because I am (still) getting distracted by all the games available on iPhone + WoLK (Wrath of Lich King) came out! And today we'll review 1 of the 2 cause of my slack.Darts is a free game available from the Apple app store, I saw it a couple times while browsing but never wanted to grab it until couple days ago. For a free game I must say it's easy, entertaining, and very well-designed. The interface is neatly designed and the playing gesture is easy to understand while making sense as well. To throw the dart all you have to do is flick your finger on the screen and the length and speed of your flick will determine the accuracy of your throw. I was worried before I downloaded this app that it would be a boring game but by incorporating this style of game play it makes it easy to learn.

There are 3 play modes available for the player the X01 and Cricket VS AI and a Practice mode.
In the modes against the AI the objective is to get your score down to EXACTLY 0 (which I shamefully failed to do after 6 games still..I always burst it). Overall the game is solid, it even has facts on professional darts competitions but it failed to include Player VS Player mode which would've been a great drinking game probably. Hope there will b a future patch incorporating this function.

Pwnage Rating: 9/10


iPhone Games

So everybody has an iPhone or iPod Touch now? ya?
Anyways I haven't been posting because I just got MY iPhone and I've been busy hacking away on it like no tomorrow!

WHAT do you guys play / use on your iPhone? any recommendations? I am sure I have a lot of crappy/lame games on there that you guy have played 2000x already...so by all means if there are better ones please let me know! And oh, I am cheap too, so FREE ones if possible =P.

Readers with razor-sharp eyes may have noticed that ubber app icon, YES, that is World of Warcraft on the iPhone! I guarantee you that it's REAL photoshop skills dream of my, oh, how nice it would be to check AH on the iPhone?


How SEGA Failed

Need I say more?
(even though I LOVED Sonic)


Pr0n Games of the 21st Century *sigh*

This is an outrage! porn games erotic games (i'll be nice) market is shrinking!
As conducted by Japan's Yano Research Institute for 2007:

• Sales of adult videos were down 7 percent.
• Sales of 15 years old and up computer games with adult sexual themes were down 2.8 percent.

noooooo how will my days pass now without StarCraft2 (taking forever) and World of Warcraft (I'm just too cheap to pay any more) !?
But is it really on the drop though? or do porn games now a days all just look like this and I haven't realized that's all?
Anyhow, at the rate that this is going they might as well make future games like this:

Please, someone start a petition and let's go back to the good old days!


Pwned by Flash Game

Hereee we go guys I know you're all craving for more flash games. This one isn't so hard but it basically just challenges how much of life you've got to waste.

My Score: level 3 (what can I say, I HAVE a life guys)

Pwned by Flash Game

Here's the 1st of our Pwned by Flash Game section! This game's sooo hard it'll make you throw your controller mouse at the wall so beware....don't say i didn't warn you!

My Score: level 4 LOL. What about you?

Original game came be found here:


Kickin' it oldschool trend

Xbox360 - Playstation 3 - PSP
These super systems should be pumping out kickass graphic games that will blow the mind and suck you right into the action. But wait! DS is doing better than the PSP and these non 3d graphical games are doing so well! WHAT IS GOING ON! there is a trend of going to the tetris and pong simplicity games now.
Look at N+ WTF is this. and i quote "N+ is one of the best DS games of the year"

and Monsters on the PS3.


KOTAKU: MK vs DC Finishing Moves

Read some where a while ago that the mortalities has been toned-down to make it gay kids-friendly, which is a BIG disappointment I think!!! that's like one of the major reason why you would ever pickup a copy of Mortal Kombat! Anyways here's the trailer from Kotaku.

Game in another game?

sooo LBP (littlebigplanet) just came out and OMFGz people are making games like this already what the hell??? Do people just have too much time on their hands or do they just love some old games too much?

This is not to put down the level design, I think it's super cool (even with a boss!!) but playing a game in another game sure has some issues in it I think. It's kind of like PlayStation's Home (which is taking forever) which lets you social and play mini games! I think pretty soon we will have to sign up and log into World of Warcraft3 just to play WarcraftVII against another guild member.