iPhone Games

So everybody has an iPhone or iPod Touch now? ya?
Anyways I haven't been posting because I just got MY iPhone and I've been busy hacking away on it like no tomorrow!

WHAT do you guys play / use on your iPhone? any recommendations? I am sure I have a lot of crappy/lame games on there that you guy have played 2000x already...so by all means if there are better ones please let me know! And oh, I am cheap too, so FREE ones if possible =P.

Readers with razor-sharp eyes may have noticed that ubber app icon, YES, that is World of Warcraft on the iPhone! I guarantee you that it's REAL photoshop skills dream of my, oh, how nice it would be to check AH on the iPhone?


JH29 said...

omg... is that your screen?? i think thats enuf games man!!
and ipint?? lol omg cant believe u got that haha

Jibber said...

lol...yuppp..alll loaded up like 1 day after hahahha
but damn i would've gotten more utility apps if all of them didnt cost $$ > <
i am too cheap