Pr0n Games of the 21st Century *sigh*

This is an outrage! porn games erotic games (i'll be nice) market is shrinking!
As conducted by Japan's Yano Research Institute for 2007:

• Sales of adult videos were down 7 percent.
• Sales of 15 years old and up computer games with adult sexual themes were down 2.8 percent.

noooooo how will my days pass now without StarCraft2 (taking forever) and World of Warcraft (I'm just too cheap to pay any more) !?
But is it really on the drop though? or do porn games now a days all just look like this and I haven't realized that's all?
Anyhow, at the rate that this is going they might as well make future games like this:

Please, someone start a petition and let's go back to the good old days!

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