Lucky Star

publisher: Defend Cheng |  cost: FREE

oooo sparkly

Aight ya'll, guess well be ending this special year on a sparkly note with Lucky Star! As crappy as this game goes (for me personally) the graphics are actually very very nice (and it's FREE!). I mean, we can't always review the awesome games right, gotta give some credit to those underdogs too who tried.

As much as I didn't really enjoy it, this thing got 5 star ratings from 9/9 people on iTunes!

Lucky Star is super simple without any luck required. When the "shooting stars" shoot up from beneath the screen you just tap on it to capture it, then which it will burst on its own, giving you points based on the star's height.

If you manage to tap on same colors in a row you get awesome bonuses! yay!

tap that star bonus baby

As simple as it seems, the action actually kind of gets busy as the stars start to pop nonestop -- and soon the busy action turns to anger as the tapping is not very sensitive. Or I mean, you'd really have to tap the stars RIGHT ON to capture it : ( UGH. I swear if it was more sensitive (forgiving to newbies) I am sure my score would've easily been 256 here instead of the demoralizing 17.

another finger sore coming obviously i didn't play for a long time

Anyway, it's a fairly easy game maybe your little girl friends or kids will enjoy, so pick it up if you'd like to challenge me as the king of handicapps. Lower score wins!

AppApps Rating

Game Play:
Just the right amount of excitement for kids I suppose

Surprisingly good putting all bias aside


Kill Kill Monster

Publisher: 1UP Game Studio |  Cost: $0.99

Kill Kill Monster

Kill Kill Monster is an awesome game despite its fugly icon. The game play is deep enough, action frantic enough, and the price cheap enough (I got my while its free!).

If you like killing, blood splatter, and catapults, then this is the MUST HAVE game for you.

Your main objective in this game is to control your catapult at the bottom center of the map and squash all incoming monsters before they over run you. The basic gameplay is to fling your finger from the catapult to where you'd like your "rock" to land -- beware though, because the monsters are moving all the time so your aim would have to be to WHERE they're traveling to so by the time it lands you can crush them head-on.


Throughout the game you will collect points that will enable you to upgrade your rocks for each particular game -- my favorite being the fire splash damage upgrade where a number of small rocks are fired at the same time to an area. There are other rocks that temporarily freezes the enemy, or rocks that reload extremely fast.

Left side ftw!

If you really get caught in the heat you can also tap the bottom right hero icon to execute special ability that would basically call down awesome meteor showers around your catapult to annihilate all foes endangering your existance.

There are quite a few fun levels in Kill Kill Monster and you also get a grade depending on how you do after you finish each stage. It's pretty tough though, because my average rating would probably be C at best : (  Or maybe if I weren't being an achievement-whore I would've been able to complete each level faster who knows, personally I think it's just me and my finger being handicapped that's it.

Anyway I enjoyed this game a lot and definitely recommend you to pick it up.

the menu My shitty scores

AppApps Rating

Game Play:
The catapult is kind of slow, but definitely does not detract the fun

There's enough gore and blood to make you feel good


Rack Stare

Publisher: Ed Nash |  Cost: $0.99

Rack Stare

Love to stare at boobs? If you say no, my god are you ever a liar!

So without further a-do, hit the break to read more about Rack Stare (boobs, boobs, boobs!)

Objective of the game is super simple, you tap and hold on the boobs (or left side of the screen) to make your guy stare at this gorgeous hot chic and release your finger to pretend you're a gay guy that doesn't love boobs. Watch out, because the girl will turn to you randomly to catch you being evil.

When you are staring a stare-meter will increase and that's your "boobie score" as I call it, once the gauge is full, you're on to the next level. However, all the horny guys out there may be disappointed as there are no other scenes or girls (yet), and frankly, I am not sure how level 2 is different from level 1.

doo doo doo *drools*

If you hit the comments on the app store, alllllllll the reviewers are begging asking for more scenes and racks so you can bet that it's coming sooner or later. Is this game worth the $0.99? I am not so sure until they've added more girls -- but hey, it's boobies and the girl's HOT. That alone is priceless already. Now get staring!


AppApps Rating

Game Play:
Requires 1 hand only, so your other hand can...

Hot girl, beautiful figure, but wearing too much


Big Bad Flower

Publisher: Big Bad Brush  |  Cost: $0.99

I am bad, real bad.

Big Bad Flower is one of those games that's so simple it's boring, but also sooo cute, you'll put up with it. Although simple, this game is very polished in terms of presentation and entertainment values.

While as simple as it is, the action actually gets intense and you might hurt your fingers if you're careless.

Big Bad Flower gameplay is simple, cute but evil animals will pop-up seeking to put you back to the soils and so do defend yourself, you must draw a circle around them before they attack to encapsulate them in a bubble. After the animals have been captured you simply swipe the screen to "blow" them off into the far E.T. lands (outer space).

Got u now, HA! Wooosh

You can draw big bubbles and capture multiple evil creatures at the same time but the bigger your bubble is, the quicker the bubble will burst (yes, the bubbles DO burst after a certain amount of time if you don't blow them off).

The level and action is quite easy at the beginning, fits quite nicely with the friendly and happy theme. However, as you progress in the game different funny animals will appear and the actions start to get a bit fractic.

Even though they're cute, they're still pests

The mechanics of Big Bad Flower is quite simple, but the vibrant graphics and fast-paced gameplay is not for the weak-hearted ones. So if you think you can take a back-seat grabbing this game you're totally wrong.

AppApps Rating

Game Play:I think we need a "finger-sorer" category because of this game

Graphics:So cute, but yet so evil


Can Knockdown

Publisher: Infinite Dreams  |  Cost: FREE

Down you go cans!

Love theme parks and fairs with all sorts of games you can play? Ever spent that extra buck just to have another crack at knocking down all the bottles (cans) but failing miserably? If you do, Can Knockdown will bring joy to you like Christmas.

The goal is simple -- to knock down as many cans as you can before you run out of balls. For each level you pass you will gain 1 additional ball and by scoring strikes (completing the level with your 1st ball) you'll get a score multiplier that carries to the next level.

1st ever "strike" in my life

You may be wondering how is this fun or any better than "paper toss" games? Well, trust me it is. The awesome graphics and physics touch on the game is so immersive and pleasing it'll make you glee with joy even if your ball hits nothing but the wall!

The game also has "bullet time" animations once in a while so you can feel the impact and awesomeness of your throw with extra emotions. Every time this triggers it has me going "Ohhh yeah. I'm GOOD baby."

Can can placements are quite smart and you will also come across different cans such as the red one below, which will explode upon direct hit. The explosion combined with bullet-time effect, man it's like Santa himself is in town.

steady...steady... BOOM!

By default the game only has 1 mode but you can make an additional purchase (Winter Play) to play a different theme / setting. But of course being cheap, I didn't buy it you guys will have to find that part out on your own. My record so far is 133, let's see if you can beat that!

AppApps Rating

Game Play:
You won't stop until you get that strike

Oooooh so satisfying combined with the animation



Publisher: ViquaSoft  |  Cost: $0.99


Like vertical scrollers? Not me. But by luck I've ran across UltraDeep while it was free when I snatched it up. However, instead of going up this one dives down deep below to the depth of the Earth in search of female's best friend -- diamonds. Like Mega Jump we've reviewed, collecting $ $ $ is always fun.

The art style is your usual doodle graphics but it works for this game as the pace is fast and interesting. Your objective is to collect diamonds as you traverse deep down while avoiding fires and spikes.

Collect as much as you can!

By collecting enough diamonds your power gauge will fill up and you can tap the screen for special abilities that will help you get through the dangers coming your way. At the end of each level the diamonds you collect can actually be turned into other power-ups.


Although there are some different power ups you can collect along your way to get through the terrain and spikes, your biggest threat is actually the "ceiling" that keeps coming down. If you're too slow, you get crushed splat.


It's a pretty interesting game if you're a fan of vertical-scrollers and it will sure keep you going for a number of hours.

AppApps Rating

Game Play:
Money. Money. Money.

Slightly worst than my 5-year-old cousin


Three Kingdoms

Publisher: ASTEPGAME  |  Cost: $2.99

3 Kingdoms on iOS finally!

I don't know how much Chinese history you guys know, but for me, this is THE GAME that I've been wishing for. The elements and characters of the 3 Kingdoms AND Tower Defense. Whether or not you are into all the history stuff but this TD is definitely an interesting spin and take on this genre.

It doesn't get better than this.


Three Kingdoms TD incorporates the epic historical story with good illustrations so if you are not familiar with the event, you'll get tuned-in.

Look @ the awesome graphics

The gameplay is very much your standard Tower Defense, with pre-determined routes and places to place your army in order to vanquish the waves of enemies. Of course there are upgrades to all your units (or "towers") which gets unlocked as you progress through the game, but what sets it apart is the thing below.



There are hero units in the game with special abilities that you can execute by spending energy points, and occasionally you'll get DUELS that actually portrays the actual history events. The hero units (war generals) are very powerful "towers" you can build with their individual statistics and skills.

Experience is everything Weapons & upgrades @ your wish

At the end of each level you'll see the progression on the heroes as well as a chance to obtain special items that you can equip to your generals to boost their stats. This is great because it creates an interesting mechanic to the tower defense genre and also adds RPG elements to the game -- so you actually start caring about your "towers".

The authentic map to the levels

The developer has also done a great job in mapping the war zones and cities in history to their actual geographic locations to the history (more knowledge to those unfamiliar with history) and for Sango (3 Kingdoms) fans like me, it just couldn't be any better.

So pick this up now, and get a piece of the 5000 years of Chinese History.

AppApps Rating

Game Play:
One of its kind in the Tower Defense genre

Not exactly historical, but it sure has that "Chinese" aspect in it


Mega Jump

Publisher: Get Set Games  |  Cost: FREE

Look how cute he is!

Mega Jump is a well-polished vertical scroller. It's as simple as any other of its kind you try to reach as high as possible by tilting your iPhone to get through the obstacles in your way. Having said that, it's one of my favorite vertical scrollers to date and here's why.

Being an eye-candy whore the awesome graphics grabbed me instantly -- then being a sucker for all-things-cute the cuddly characters had me going for hours! But that's not all, Mega Jump offers a wide variety of elements in the game but yet it is so simple. Other vertical scrollers have obstacles that you'll run into or random platforms that you'll likely to miss. However, in Mega Jump there are COINS ($$$!!) that you have to collect -- each coin you collect, and only if you collect it, will propel you upward.

Sure feels better than hitting your face or missing that damned platform huh?
Come to papa $ $ $!

The coins you collect along the way gets translated into stars and with the stars you are able to unlock new contents such as power-ups or new OH-so-cuddly playable animals!

image from iTunes store - they're so cute!

Aside from collecting coins you will also come across different power ups such as magnets which attracts coins to you automatically, or stars which propel you further than a coin would do, or some crazy stuff that just shoots you straight up for a long-time ignoring all obstacles in the way (my favorite), and a whole lot more:

weeeee image from iTunes store

Besides the fun mechanics of the game, there's also another interesting design in Mega Jump -- there are multiple levels like any other games, but each level is also "connected". Once you reach a certain height you can always come back and start from that height (level) afterwards. The vertical-world is one big connected theme park for your pleasure!

Like cute things? like money? like a well-polished vertical scroller game? Then download it now and you can have it all.

AppApps Rating

Game Play:
Simple, entertaining, and unlockables that keep you coming back for more

Don't think it supports Retina Display yet, but about as good as it gets!


Reckless Racing

Publisher: Pixelbite Games; Cost: $0.99

If the words "drift", "rally", and "arcade action" make your heart beat faster, then Reckless Racing by Pixelbite Games is for you.


Pixelbite have done a great job of finding that sweet spot in the middle of what I like to call "the margin of fun-ness." The controls here are responsive and vary between cars, giving you plenty of different combinations to play with and challenges. I found the default set up of the steering controls to be a bit close to each other (fat fingers?) but Reckless Racing not only offers you FIVE different steering options, but they've also provided you the ability to customize your own steering configuration! I was flabbergasted when I saw the option.

The player is offered the chance to position the buttons wherever they like. +1 Pixelbite!

Single Player mode

Single Player mode offers 2 levels of difficulty: Beginner and Advanced. The difference between these modes is the handling of the car, with Beginner mode allowing for a lower learning curve and Advanced offering all the drift and sliding of a rally car. In Single Player mode, the player can race on ten "original" tracks (some have to be unlocked) and 4 "extra" ones. There are 3 types of races: "Dirt Rally" - a 3 or 4 lap race against computer opponents, "hot Lap" - a race against yourself, where you race against your own best time (represented by a ghost car), and "Delivery" - a time-based challenge where you have to pick up items and deliver them, making as many deliveries as possible within a limited time. These alone will keep you busy for a while and hone your skills for the main course: Multiplayer mode.

Multiplayer mode

I wasn't expecting much from Multiplayer mode, but I was pleasantly surprised. So much so, I spent a good hour and a half playing against opponents from as far as Europe and Asia. Polarbite has set up 3 dedicated game servers where you can join a race or start your own. Despite some lag issues, some jumpiness (especially when cars are really close to each other) and getting my butt kicked, it was awesome and well-executed. There are online leaderboards to keep the competition fierce around the world and a simple chat function which allows players to slag each other off or congratulate one another.


Reckless Racing is an awesome arcade-style drift racing game. The controls are good, and despite some issues I had with button placement, it's customizable! Both Single Player and Multiplayer options will keep you playing for a long time. It's only a buck, so why are you still reading this?

AppApps Rating

Game Play:
Smooth slippery, slidy arcade-style drift racing, configurable controls

Great 3D and camera movement!