Big Bad Flower

Publisher: Big Bad Brush  |  Cost: $0.99

I am bad, real bad.

Big Bad Flower is one of those games that's so simple it's boring, but also sooo cute, you'll put up with it. Although simple, this game is very polished in terms of presentation and entertainment values.

While as simple as it is, the action actually gets intense and you might hurt your fingers if you're careless.

Big Bad Flower gameplay is simple, cute but evil animals will pop-up seeking to put you back to the soils and so do defend yourself, you must draw a circle around them before they attack to encapsulate them in a bubble. After the animals have been captured you simply swipe the screen to "blow" them off into the far E.T. lands (outer space).

Got u now, HA! Wooosh

You can draw big bubbles and capture multiple evil creatures at the same time but the bigger your bubble is, the quicker the bubble will burst (yes, the bubbles DO burst after a certain amount of time if you don't blow them off).

The level and action is quite easy at the beginning, fits quite nicely with the friendly and happy theme. However, as you progress in the game different funny animals will appear and the actions start to get a bit fractic.

Even though they're cute, they're still pests

The mechanics of Big Bad Flower is quite simple, but the vibrant graphics and fast-paced gameplay is not for the weak-hearted ones. So if you think you can take a back-seat grabbing this game you're totally wrong.

AppApps Rating

Game Play:I think we need a "finger-sorer" category because of this game

Graphics:So cute, but yet so evil