Can Knockdown

Publisher: Infinite Dreams  |  Cost: FREE

Down you go cans!

Love theme parks and fairs with all sorts of games you can play? Ever spent that extra buck just to have another crack at knocking down all the bottles (cans) but failing miserably? If you do, Can Knockdown will bring joy to you like Christmas.

The goal is simple -- to knock down as many cans as you can before you run out of balls. For each level you pass you will gain 1 additional ball and by scoring strikes (completing the level with your 1st ball) you'll get a score multiplier that carries to the next level.

1st ever "strike" in my life

You may be wondering how is this fun or any better than "paper toss" games? Well, trust me it is. The awesome graphics and physics touch on the game is so immersive and pleasing it'll make you glee with joy even if your ball hits nothing but the wall!

The game also has "bullet time" animations once in a while so you can feel the impact and awesomeness of your throw with extra emotions. Every time this triggers it has me going "Ohhh yeah. I'm GOOD baby."

Can can placements are quite smart and you will also come across different cans such as the red one below, which will explode upon direct hit. The explosion combined with bullet-time effect, man it's like Santa himself is in town.

steady...steady... BOOM!

By default the game only has 1 mode but you can make an additional purchase (Winter Play) to play a different theme / setting. But of course being cheap, I didn't buy it you guys will have to find that part out on your own. My record so far is 133, let's see if you can beat that!

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Game Play:
You won't stop until you get that strike

Oooooh so satisfying combined with the animation