Publisher: ViquaSoft  |  Cost: $0.99


Like vertical scrollers? Not me. But by luck I've ran across UltraDeep while it was free when I snatched it up. However, instead of going up this one dives down deep below to the depth of the Earth in search of female's best friend -- diamonds. Like Mega Jump we've reviewed, collecting $ $ $ is always fun.

The art style is your usual doodle graphics but it works for this game as the pace is fast and interesting. Your objective is to collect diamonds as you traverse deep down while avoiding fires and spikes.

Collect as much as you can!

By collecting enough diamonds your power gauge will fill up and you can tap the screen for special abilities that will help you get through the dangers coming your way. At the end of each level the diamonds you collect can actually be turned into other power-ups.


Although there are some different power ups you can collect along your way to get through the terrain and spikes, your biggest threat is actually the "ceiling" that keeps coming down. If you're too slow, you get crushed splat.


It's a pretty interesting game if you're a fan of vertical-scrollers and it will sure keep you going for a number of hours.

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Game Play:
Money. Money. Money.

Slightly worst than my 5-year-old cousin