Mega Jump

Publisher: Get Set Games  |  Cost: FREE

Look how cute he is!

Mega Jump is a well-polished vertical scroller. It's as simple as any other of its kind you try to reach as high as possible by tilting your iPhone to get through the obstacles in your way. Having said that, it's one of my favorite vertical scrollers to date and here's why.

Being an eye-candy whore the awesome graphics grabbed me instantly -- then being a sucker for all-things-cute the cuddly characters had me going for hours! But that's not all, Mega Jump offers a wide variety of elements in the game but yet it is so simple. Other vertical scrollers have obstacles that you'll run into or random platforms that you'll likely to miss. However, in Mega Jump there are COINS ($$$!!) that you have to collect -- each coin you collect, and only if you collect it, will propel you upward.

Sure feels better than hitting your face or missing that damned platform huh?
Come to papa $ $ $!

The coins you collect along the way gets translated into stars and with the stars you are able to unlock new contents such as power-ups or new OH-so-cuddly playable animals!

image from iTunes store - they're so cute!

Aside from collecting coins you will also come across different power ups such as magnets which attracts coins to you automatically, or stars which propel you further than a coin would do, or some crazy stuff that just shoots you straight up for a long-time ignoring all obstacles in the way (my favorite), and a whole lot more:

weeeee image from iTunes store

Besides the fun mechanics of the game, there's also another interesting design in Mega Jump -- there are multiple levels like any other games, but each level is also "connected". Once you reach a certain height you can always come back and start from that height (level) afterwards. The vertical-world is one big connected theme park for your pleasure!

Like cute things? like money? like a well-polished vertical scroller game? Then download it now and you can have it all.

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Game Play:
Simple, entertaining, and unlockables that keep you coming back for more

Don't think it supports Retina Display yet, but about as good as it gets!