Lucky Star

publisher: Defend Cheng |  cost: FREE

oooo sparkly

Aight ya'll, guess well be ending this special year on a sparkly note with Lucky Star! As crappy as this game goes (for me personally) the graphics are actually very very nice (and it's FREE!). I mean, we can't always review the awesome games right, gotta give some credit to those underdogs too who tried.

As much as I didn't really enjoy it, this thing got 5 star ratings from 9/9 people on iTunes!

Lucky Star is super simple without any luck required. When the "shooting stars" shoot up from beneath the screen you just tap on it to capture it, then which it will burst on its own, giving you points based on the star's height.

If you manage to tap on same colors in a row you get awesome bonuses! yay!

tap that star bonus baby

As simple as it seems, the action actually kind of gets busy as the stars start to pop nonestop -- and soon the busy action turns to anger as the tapping is not very sensitive. Or I mean, you'd really have to tap the stars RIGHT ON to capture it : ( UGH. I swear if it was more sensitive (forgiving to newbies) I am sure my score would've easily been 256 here instead of the demoralizing 17.

another finger sore coming obviously i didn't play for a long time

Anyway, it's a fairly easy game maybe your little girl friends or kids will enjoy, so pick it up if you'd like to challenge me as the king of handicapps. Lower score wins!

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Game Play:
Just the right amount of excitement for kids I suppose

Surprisingly good putting all bias aside