Dino Cap

Dino Cap

Dino Cap is a quality title from Trinity Interactive that I picked up recently while it's free. It's basically a side-scroll button-smasher but with high entertainment (gore) value and unique art style.

The control is as familiar as any other side-scroller -- LEFT, RIGHT, SHOOT, WHACK. 4 controls for you to beat the crap outta any crazy reptiles that come your way. Part of what makes Dino Cap so entertaining aside from its art style is the character you control being a South African kid -- it's just not something you see everyday in games and I appreciate it.

Die reptile!

You have the option of hammering the crazy dinosaurs with a stick (upgradeable to an axe and others later) or with your weapon. At the end of each level you can spend money you have collected to buy new weapons. The weapons are very deadly but requires ammunitions that can only be collected by luck (random drops from dinosaurs or by entering different buildings).

Personally I find this a bit of a nuisance because I'd like use the gun all the way but cannot get any ammo even with my phat cash! As a result, often you're left with your melee attack and only using the guns during critical moments.

Where are my ammos??

The key to Dino Cap is to keep moving AT ALL TIMES. You do NOT want the dinosaurs to catch up from behind or you'll be surrounded and cannot beat them fast enough before you get chewed up like below. Download it now and start whacking!

I don't think I am enough to feed the dinosaurs...

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Game Play:
Whacking is fun, but when shit comes on both sides the controls are too slow for it

Awesomely gritty and gorey