Are you smart enough?

How logical is your mind? Are you someone that just goes with your feelings when you do things? Or do you actually take the time to think things through? Ever wanted a game that's fun but takes 0 brain power when your drunk? Do you like connecting the dots?

If your answer is Yes to any of the above, well UConnect is for you.

UConnect is a simple game that will keep you coming back for more when you're bored. There is only 1 goal -- to connect all the dots without repeating the path / lines.

Connect the dots!

Solid lines mean you must go through it, dotted lines mean it's optional, and direction lines mean you must go through the line in the direction the arrows are pointing at. There are no 1-solution to any of the puzzles, it is simply up to how your brain processes the puzzles!

There isn't much else to talk about this game other than the fun puzzles and awesome different modes that it offers. There are time trials (how many puzzles you can complete in a given time), puzzle trials (how long it takes you to complete 20 puzzles), along with a few other options. It's something you can enjoy alone and / or with a friend in a short burst of time -- perfect for a drink fest or that daily commute if you need it.

Failed Attempt

Pick this up now while it's free -- and oh, if you're a more modern / clean kind of person, it also offers the interface as "PEN" instead of "CHALK" that will make everything look cleaner and smoother. Personally I dig the "chalk" mode more.

AppApps Rating

Game Play:
Would've been a 3-star, but bonuses for the game modes + fun times when you're buzzed

Simple and effective whether you're a vegetarian or meat lover