Rack Stare

Publisher: Ed Nash |  Cost: $0.99

Rack Stare

Love to stare at boobs? If you say no, my god are you ever a liar!

So without further a-do, hit the break to read more about Rack Stare (boobs, boobs, boobs!)

Objective of the game is super simple, you tap and hold on the boobs (or left side of the screen) to make your guy stare at this gorgeous hot chic and release your finger to pretend you're a gay guy that doesn't love boobs. Watch out, because the girl will turn to you randomly to catch you being evil.

When you are staring a stare-meter will increase and that's your "boobie score" as I call it, once the gauge is full, you're on to the next level. However, all the horny guys out there may be disappointed as there are no other scenes or girls (yet), and frankly, I am not sure how level 2 is different from level 1.

doo doo doo *drools*

If you hit the comments on the app store, alllllllll the reviewers are begging asking for more scenes and racks so you can bet that it's coming sooner or later. Is this game worth the $0.99? I am not so sure until they've added more girls -- but hey, it's boobies and the girl's HOT. That alone is priceless already. Now get staring!


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Game Play:
Requires 1 hand only, so your other hand can...

Hot girl, beautiful figure, but wearing too much