Three Kingdoms

Publisher: ASTEPGAME  |  Cost: $2.99

3 Kingdoms on iOS finally!

I don't know how much Chinese history you guys know, but for me, this is THE GAME that I've been wishing for. The elements and characters of the 3 Kingdoms AND Tower Defense. Whether or not you are into all the history stuff but this TD is definitely an interesting spin and take on this genre.

It doesn't get better than this.


Three Kingdoms TD incorporates the epic historical story with good illustrations so if you are not familiar with the event, you'll get tuned-in.

Look @ the awesome graphics

The gameplay is very much your standard Tower Defense, with pre-determined routes and places to place your army in order to vanquish the waves of enemies. Of course there are upgrades to all your units (or "towers") which gets unlocked as you progress through the game, but what sets it apart is the thing below.



There are hero units in the game with special abilities that you can execute by spending energy points, and occasionally you'll get DUELS that actually portrays the actual history events. The hero units (war generals) are very powerful "towers" you can build with their individual statistics and skills.

Experience is everything Weapons & upgrades @ your wish

At the end of each level you'll see the progression on the heroes as well as a chance to obtain special items that you can equip to your generals to boost their stats. This is great because it creates an interesting mechanic to the tower defense genre and also adds RPG elements to the game -- so you actually start caring about your "towers".

The authentic map to the levels

The developer has also done a great job in mapping the war zones and cities in history to their actual geographic locations to the history (more knowledge to those unfamiliar with history) and for Sango (3 Kingdoms) fans like me, it just couldn't be any better.

So pick this up now, and get a piece of the 5000 years of Chinese History.

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One of its kind in the Tower Defense genre

Not exactly historical, but it sure has that "Chinese" aspect in it